05 October 2008

The Year-To-Date Numbers

In the last nine months, I have:

  • paid off 3362.00 worth of credit card debt
  • saved 1379.00 for emergencies, oil and Christmas presents (1000 for emergencies, 250 for oil and 120 for Christmas)
  • paid 2798.00 off on my car loan/personal loan from the credit union
  • paid off 1126.00 off of my student loans
  • saved 2500.00 for a lawyer

For a grand total of... 11,165.00. Boo-yah. High fives all around.

I'd also like to mention that I have not visited my old flame Target since September 5th (I think- I could have paid cash since then but it's been a while. The point is, I can't even remember.) I'm thinking of putting up one of those "30 days since our last accident" counters on the blog, but I haven't figured it out yet.

yayayayayayayay. yay.

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