12 October 2008

that's a lot of money for a yard

I'm watching "Landscapers challenge" on HGTV and I'm sort of perplexed by the amount of money people have for their landscape projects. The first couple had 5 grand, and I thought "that's a lot of money, but they really made a change in their lives by spending that." The next couple had 30,000 dollars and wanted a baseball field... okay... and now this last family has 75,000 dollars and wants a putting green?

That's just weird. I think its one thing to fix up your yard for optimal usage, but another to take a 1/2 acre lot and cram in 400 different "areas" that cost 10 grand a piece.

Last night I went to a "green" expo where I learned about biofuels (so cool) and I saw a bumper sticker that said "The earth can no longer afford the rich." That sounded about right to me.


Krista said...

Landscapers and Designers Challenge have always pissed me off!

First of all, how many people can really afford the budgets that the shows cater to? I guess we know the answer now that the housing bubble has popped and people are losing their houses left and right. I'll bet they wish they had the $20k (or whatever) that they spent remodeling the house back.

Second - What they do for the money isn't that impressive. Don't get me wrong... they are usually beautiful - if you like that fresh from the showroom look. I have seen more impressive interior remakes on shows like Design Remix, Decorator Cents and Freestyle.

End rant. :)

Kimberli said...

My personal pet peeve is the shows like House Hunters, where they say they have a budget of $300K, and the realtor shows them 3 houses ranging from $325 on up!!!! And then, they buy the most expensive one. What happened to the budget?!