21 October 2008

so seriously not okay, in any way, shape or form

So, I talked to my ex, and he reiterated his intention to completely screw me over by giving me 100 dollars less each week. I told him we won't be able to pay our bills, I told him the kids will need things, he says "I can't afford it." He said "tell me when they need something." Seriously?

I hate hate hate him right now.

Our court date is October 29th. I called the lawyer and told them what he's doing. I guess it's in their hands now.

If this really happens, if he really gets away with this, 2009 is going to be the Year of Really Really Frugal Living. Like, posting to the blog from the public library because we shut off the cable/phone/internet kind of frugal living.

Did I mention I hate him?

Do you think I could submit this blog as evidence that I'm paying things off and he's screwing me every chance he gets?

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LauraC said...

Is there any way to go to court with a budget so you can tell them what you need? Why would anyone do this to their children?! I can understand screwing an ex, but screwing your KIDS?! I'm so sorry.