27 October 2008

The weirdest problem

I can't get oil- because I don't need enough. The oil company won't deliver less than 100 gallons and my 275 gallon tank is 5/8 full- so they won't deliver it until I am at 1/2 full! I want to get oil now because its 2.939 a gallon, which is down nearly 1.50 from where it was in August.

They have oil plans to lock in rates, but I (luckily) don't go through much oil and don't really want to commit to automatic delivery. Last winter I got oil twice, both times less than the full tank, and I still have 5/8 of the tank left now, nearly 6 months later. My furnace only heats the house- every thing else is heated with electricity- and my house is a small, well-insulated, south facing ranch. I have a programmable thermostat that I keep at 63 when we're not home, 66 when we are, and 64 when we're sleeping (I think). I know that it's at 66 when we're home, but it might be less during the day.

Anyway, no oil for me!


manda said...

Im trying this year to keep the thermostat at 50 at night, 65 during the day when we are home in the living areas. At night its reversed. All the bedroom doors stay closed. Im that person that loves a 75 degree house. Its killing me but I am trying to be frugal :)

LauraC said...

No related to your post today, but I had two blogs collide. Year of Crockpotting did a post today on saving money using your crockpot.


I made her tomato soup to use up the rest of the tomatoes from my garden and it was delish!

amyamyamy said...

hey jaime and readers,

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have a great day,
amy (mel's little sister!)