15 July 2008

cheap therapy

Last night was a long night. I don't sleep well, being alone in the house and having a very cute yet annoying cat doesn't help. Then someone's car alarm went off at about 4:30, which never happens, so I woke up in a panic and spent the next 15 minutes checking all the kids and doors. Last summer there was a terrible home invasion in my state, a mom and her two daughters were killed and it happened right after my husband moved out. It actually happened ON my birthday, which is a week from tomorrow. I've never really recovered my sense of security since that day, I still obsessively check the doors and wake up often during the night. No good.

(Deep breath)

Quite a few people have said that walking or running would be a good stress release for me, and I agree. So I'll be doing that at lunch today, lest I have some sort of nervous breakdown/ panic attack. Okay, not really, but I need some sort of therapy, and obviously retail therapy just ain't gonna cut it. (I DO see a therapist, just not this week, in case you're thinking that I need to. Thanks, though.)

And so, cheap therapy consists of putting on your sneakers and running around until things make sense and you can come home again. Love those metaphors.

***Edited to add: I just got back from lunch. I ran/walked for about 25 minutes and I feel AWESOME! I'm so glad I went. I need to do this several times a week, for my own sanity, even if I spend a little extra on gas. (Or I could just be smelly at work for the last 2 hours).

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Amy said...

Vigorous house cleaning helps, too.