19 July 2008

Paper Towel Challenge update #2 (Cape Cod memories)

So, it turns out the Paper Towel Challenge isn't much of a challenge. I'm only about a half a roll down, and most of that is due to the fact that I had my son's birthday party and some people (gasp) used paper towels (most likely the same people who threw away the plastic plates. People.)

I'm loving the cloth napkins. My college roommate and close friend is from Cape Cod, and sometimes I would go home with her to the Cape. If you haven't been to the Cape, its sort of a magical place. Growing up, every summer my family would go there for a week and stay in my aunt's cottage in Orleans. It was a small two bedroom cottage, with thin walls and a yellow painted kitchen table. The air always smelled salty and a little bit musty, but in a sweet way. There were bikes there, and you could ride your bike to the bay or take the bike path to town. Those were the kinds of decisions you had to make. It was always wonderful.

So, when I'd visit my friend's family, it reminded me of those Cape Cod weeks, and her parents house was so cool. They had a stereo in their kitchen and they listened to music and danced while they cooked, and they had a drawer with cloth napkins. I remember going there and being shocked by this, mainly because my family was a family that often didn't eat together at all. As an adult, and a parent, I wanted that house with the music and the multicolored cloth napkins, and now I have it. Its nice when your adult self can remember, and actually do, the things that your child self dreamed of.

If you want something wonderful to listen to, get the Juno soundtrack. We've been dancing until sweat was pouring off all of us.

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lil sis said...

oh man i miss that cottage!! it was so fun. good times.