16 July 2008

you deserve it

I've had a series of conversations lately about deserving the things you have in your life. Its become clear to me and some people I've been speaking with that if you put yourself out there, most of the time good things come to you. The problem is that most people will not or cannot put themselves out there enough to reap the rewards.

So this is what I think we should all say to ourselves when we feel unmotivated to save or compelled to spend:

I deserve to be debt free. I deserve to sleep at night knowing I have money in the bank. I deserve to put my happiness ahead of the materials goods I think will make me happy. They won't make me happy, only I can make me happy.

You deserve it, and so do I.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I say these things every night. I also say, "Ok, I get it now. I know what I did wrong and I have learned from my mistake. Now how do I fix it?"