17 July 2008

good times

The problem I have with this blog is when things are good, I don't have as much to talk about. For example, yesterday's post could have gone like this:

Didn't buy anything unnecessary today. Paid no bills but didn't need to. Dad brought over dinner and that was free. Spent the evening swinging on the swings with kids and eating a sugar baby watermelon from the farmer's market.

That's true, but boring! But, I have to say, right now things are good. I got paid today but still had money left in my checking account from the week before. I'm having friends over today for lunch and tonight to watch Project Runway, and I have plenty of food for that. My birthday is in 6 days, I'll be 30, and I'm having a potluck in my backyard to celebrate.

I owe you some garden photos, but I'm pretty much ready to harvest the first zucchini and eggplants, and I have several cukes and tomatoes that are nearly there. The garden is a little crazy but it's beautiful. I'll be planting for fall this week. Good times!


Katy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

If you're looking for ideas, I'd love to hear about what (if anything) you are doing to 'prepare' for the expenses that come from the holidays. Are you pre-buying gifts, or stashing away cash, or just not doing gifts this year, or what??? I always feel like that time of year is such a budget-buster!

Amy said...

Happy upcoming Birthday! It sounds like you had a nice relaxing day.

Anonymous said...

boring, no not really. I will call it just some simple living