31 July 2008

Two Part Series: Spending and Saving (Part 2)

Part Two: Psyched for Saving

I got paid today, and I have been very excited about it for days now. The reason I was so excited is that today I will finish funding my 1000 dollar emergency fund. So, for the first time in my life, I was excited to save. It feels funny, actually. Dave Ramsey was really right, though, it feels really good to know that I have money in case something happens.

Actually, I need to confess something right now. I have not read Dave Ramsey's books. I have read summaries of them on about 10 websites, but not the books. I placed interlibrary loan requests for two books the other day, The Total Money Makeover and another book that I totally can't remember right now but it's about money and happiness. I should be getting them tomorrow or early next week, so I can read them and then stop pretending like I know what Dave Ramsey says.

Okay, so anyway, I'm so excited to put money in my fancy ING savings account. If you don't have a fancy ING savings account, you should consider getting one. Look though financial magazines like Kiplinger's for promotion codes- you can often get one that will earn you 25 extra dollars in your account. Awesome!

I'm assuming (based on my fake Dave Ramsey knowledge) that the next step is to start paying off my smallest debt, which is a small loan I had to roll over from my old car loan when my old car died and I bought the car I currently have. It's very small, so I should be done with that one soon.

This is fun!


Amy said...

Rolling right along. Your next step assumption is correct. I am excited that you are getting The Total Money Makeover to read. It also changes your perception about spending in general - a very good read. If you get bored with the reading, skim some, but don't give up on the book.

Anonymous said...

I learned about Dave Ramsey from online friends (BabyCenter Family Finances) and then I read the book. Honestly, I didn't really learn anything new from the actual book. But, there are a lot of inspiring stories, so it is worth it to read eventually.

save said...

People should understand that more consumption doesn't mean more happiness. Saving money can help you lead a more independent life, because financial security is very important.