03 July 2008

Going to the Gap-el and we're gonna get sale stu-uh-uh-uff

Gap is having a sale, it's 25% off the already marked down sale stuff, and, if you have coupons like me (because it is my birthday this month I got a $15 off $60 and I also earned a $10 reward cert with my gap card) then it makes for a pretty sweet deal. I got 1 pair of work pants, 2 pairs shorts (in direct opposition to my very public anti-shorts philosophy, these particular bermudas were actually not that ugly), 2 dresses, 2 t shirts, 2 pairs of socks, and a leather belt, and I spent $80.

Why? Because I haven't bought any clothes in quite a while, and especially not summer clothes. So, that was a good deal.

Also, I found out today that Beck's new record is being released July 8th, which I can only assume is because my birthday is coming up. I just love him more every day. Also Rolling Stone gave it 4 stars, which could have been assumed, because he is amazing, but it's nice to be publicly acknowledged for your freaking insane genius and hottie-ness. Okay.

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