07 July 2008

feeling better

I don't know if it was the beer I drank last night or the visit to the "we're debt free!" group on the new babycenter, but I'm feeling newly motivated today. I've decided that I'm absolutely going to start doing the Dave Ramsey method, starting today. This means that I'm on Baby Step 1, or saving up $1000 for an emergency fund. Sad as it is to say, I only have 100 dollars in my savings account, so I'll need to put another 900 in (hi, obvious math) and then I'm on to step 2.
I'm home today because Mikey has a touch of the stomach bug and I didn't want my babysitter to have to deal with it, it's gross. When they nap later, I'm gonna take a look at my budget and see where I can dig up a grand. Will report later!

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Amy said...

Hi! A friend of mine directed me to your blog. I am starting the Dave Ramsey plan to be debt free. I'm on step one... or, maybe it is pre step 1. Have you read any of his books or listened to his radio show? He is very motivational.

I will be checking in on your blog often. Feel free to visit mine if you have a chance.