01 July 2008

The Mystery of the Kitty Litter Bags

It's not really a mystery, but I was a big Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys/ Scooby Doo fan as a child and I thought that sounded cute. Anywho, this is the mystery of the kitty litter bags:

I switched over to reusable grocery bags about a year ago, with no issues save one- when I ultimately ran out of plastic bags, I didn't know what to do with my dirty kitty litter. I scoop, BTW. So, I Googled it, I looked in the Ed Begley Jr book I reviewed in January (Living Like Ed, it was good, check it out at the library), hell, I even posted it as a WWYD on the BHB. But I never really came up with a good solution, and so every couple of shopping trips I would get plastic instead.

That is, until last Saturday when I had Max's birthday party. As I removed 32 rolls from four bags, it dawned on me- I have plenty of bags! Bags of bread, bags of tortillas, bags holding quartets of toilet paper within their gigantic 16-block. Problem solved.

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