02 July 2008

everybody's cooking!

I read a couple blogs, I have them listed on my sidebar if you haven't checked them out. So, everybody's cooking! Ashley made bread, Alicia (Posie Gets Cozy) made thunder cake, and it seems like just about everyone and their mom is making freezer jam. The great thing about blogging and the internet in general is that not only can you find anything you need (for example, the recipe for freezer jam), but reading blogs is a great way to get ideas, get inspired, and learn something new. Okay, PSA over!

Incidentally, I made something called "blueberry boy bait" today. Its like a blueberry coffeecake, but apparently it is supposed to attract boys. Unfortunately, it doesn't specify what age the boys will be!


Suzanne said...

I started searching the internet for homemade bread and now I am making bread, its cheaper I have more of an idea about whats in it. Blogging is fun for receipe sharing too. Good luck on attracting boys, maybe theres more receipes out there for that.

Anonymous said...

I tried the "making my own bread thing to save money" but it backfired on us...everyone liked the homemaid bread so much that we blew through it 10 times faster than using the store bought stuff...I need to find a recipe for lousy bread! :-)